Ludington Man Arrested for Sexual Conduct

The Mason County Sheriff's Office investigated a criminal sexual conduct complaint which happened on June 8, 2013 resulting in the arrest of 22-year-old, Matthew Weber, from Ludington. The victim is a 5-year-old female relative of the suspect. Weber is currently being lodged at the Mason County Jail and is charged with criminal sexual conduct in the 2nd degree. He has a $10,000 cash bond pending a preliminary hearing.

Escape of the Kangaroo

This week, Memorial Medical Center has been celebrating "Spirit Week", an annual fundraising drive. Yesterday, people ran into some trouble, duing "Family Fun Zoo Day." Marketing Coordinator, Bill Kerans told MOM News that a kangaroo escaped from the petting zoo, hopped across Ludington Ave and then made his way to someone's backyard. Luckily, the kangaroo made it back safely and the rest of "Family Fun Zoo Day" went smoothly. 

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