Cash Advance Employee Involved In Staged Robbery Pleads Guilty

A former employee of Advance Cash America in Pere Marquette Township pleaded guilty in 51st Circuit Court yesterday to conspiracy to commit embezzlement and lying to a police officer in connection to a staged robbery that we reported on a few months ago back in May.
Bryana Jacqueline Black of Sheridan Township, was initially charged two counts of conspiracy to commit embezzlement but one count was dismissed in a plea agreement yesterday.
Investigators believe they have recovered all the stolen money. According to testimony, the trio involved in the staged robbery stole $15,000.

Two Housing Developments Were Considered During Ludington City Council Meeting

In the regularly scheduled Ludington City Council meeting last night, two housing developments were considered. Amendments to the agreement between the city and the Morris Street LLC, were all approved by the council as well as a parking agreement with Morris street for the bowling alley block.

The council also had their first presentation for rezoning a parcel of land at the corner of South Madison and East Dowland streets where the planning commission recommended the rezoning from wholesale and light industrial to multi-family residential. This will be considered again at the next council meeting.

Error On Oakview Medical Facility Millage Language

Voters in support of the Oakview Millage Renewal will have to go back to the voting booth in November to get it passed.

It was announced yesterday that an error was discovered in the ballot language related to the millage request that was approved by Mason County voters on August 7th where it was approved by almost 70 percent. The error was made when preparing the resolution for the Mason County Board of Commissioners that approved placing it on the ballot. The word "cents" was used instead of "dollars" when referring to the amount of taxes that would be collected per one-thousand dollars of taxable value. Election attorneys have advised the county to not levy the millage and to place the proposal on the ballot for November 6 general election.

The County Board of commissioners will be considering placing the proposal on the November ballot at their August 13th board meeting as the deadline to place an item on the ballot is Aug. 14 at 4 p.m. If the millage renewal is approved in November, there should be no disruption in Oakview’s budget.

Would You Accept a Promotion Without a Raise? 64% Of Us Say YES

If your boss offered you a promotion that DIDN'T come with a raise, would you take it?

According to a new survey, 64% of us would, up from 55% in 2011.

72% of men said they'd do it, compared to 55% of women. And younger employees were more likely to say yes too. Probably because they see it as a stepping stone in their career, while older people are more about the cold hard cash.

The survey also found that two-and-a-half years at a job is the average amount of time you should expect to wait before getting a promotion.

10 Unexpected Things That Are Now "Cool" In 2018

A new survey gave people a huge list of stuff and asked if each one was "cool" or not.  Here are 10 unexpected things that are now cool in 2018 . . .


1.  Reusable coffee cups and water bottles.

2.  Maintaining a balanced diet.

3.  Staying in instead of going out.  Also, dinner parties made the list.

4.  Working from home.

5.  Knowing how to cook things from scratch.

6.  Cutting back on your drinking.

7.  Cycling.

8.  Avocados.

9.  Helping your family.

10.  Android phones. 


A few things that are STILL cool according to the survey include tattoos, beards, pizza, and being a fan of things from 'before your time."  People said the "coolest" decade right now is the 1980s. For more details click HERE.

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