Mason County Board Meeting 6/12/13

The Mason County Board of Commissioners held their first meeting of the month last night. Just about everything on the agenda was approved except for a grant requested by the Sheriff's office.

Sheriff Cole was asking for authorization regarding applying for a port security grant from the federal government for the purchase of a remote operated vehicle to conduct underwater searches. However, the board voted against it because they believed that it needed to be reviewed more. Chairman, Charles Lange, said this was something not beneficial to the taxpayers. The board did approve the purchase of safety vests for the Correction's Division... along with imposing a 2013 Summer Property Tax Levy. Under the General Property Tax Act, the county is required to enforce this tax levy, which will be collected on the first of July at a rate of about 5.1 mills. After much discussion and debate, the Mason County jail renovation project was approved for a bid of $285,000. It was also mentioned that the Mason County Fairgrounds has begun construction and is expected to be done by the end of August. 

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