Lowell Fetters Trial

Lowell Fetters, who is being charged with 32 counts of a felony, will continue to stay in jail. 

The defense attorney, David Glancy, requested additional time so psychological evaluation can be complete. Fetters waived his right to a speedy trial in April regarding shooting at and wounding a Ludington police officer in June of last year. His attorney stated that stated that the doctor would be meeting with Fetters this weekend and then would need four weeks to complete the evaluation. Glancy requested an additional 2-3 weeks to review the report. Prosecuting Attorney, Paul Spaniola, agreed to the request much to his chagrin. Spaniola stated that Fetters "has been in jail for over a year now" and "everybody needs to move this forward." Fetters' final conference is scheduled for Tuesday, September 3rd at 3pm.

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