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Scottville City Commission Approves a Change to the Zoning Map

At Monday's Scottville City Commission meeting, the commission voted to approve to rezone a portion of land immediately west of downtown Scottville. The changes to the zoning map are for the Jabrocki Excavating property, Scottville Optimist property and a portion of the West Parking Lot. Currently all these properties are zoned Industrial 1 and the Planning Commission feels that it makes more sense that these are zoned Central Business District. This will not change anything for Mr. Jabrocki as he is “grandfathered” in to continue his business and in the event it changes hands and continues on as an Excavating Company they can continue on operating it in that fashion. However, if the “use” of the property changes then they will need to meet the guidelines of a business that is allowed within the Central Business District.

An update has been given on the Scottville search for their next city manager. The MML should have the new City Manager Brochure published by next week sometime.

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