Ludington’s Ad Hoc Recreational Marijuana Committee Looking for 3 Citizen Members

Ludington’s Ad Hoc recreational marijuana committee will be looking for 3 citizen members on Tuesday, March 5th. The Ordinance establishing an Ad Hoc Recreational Marijuana committee was unanimously approved by Ludington City Council on February 11th.

The Mayor Steve Miller will chair the committee.  Joining him will be three City Councilors, a Planning Commission liaison, and three city residents. 
There will be a meeting at City Hall Tuesday at 7 P.M. for anyone interested in being considered for one of three citizen member positions. 
Those wishing to be considered for a committee seat should come prepared to show proof of age, residency, and voter eligibility. And, willing to make a personal, persuasive statement, to everyone gathered. The 3 panelists will be selected from their peers of registered voters, living within the city limits, over the age of 21. anyone interested is welcome to attend. However, only citizens meeting the selection criteria can be seated on the committee.

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