Scam Alert from the Mason County Sheriff's Office

It was reported that citizens in Mason County have received telephone calls from a male subject claiming to be Sargeant Davis with the Ludington Police Department. The subject tells the person that one of their family members has been arrested and needs bond money in order to be released. The subject asks that the bond be paid in gift cards from Lowes and Home Depot Stores. He requests that once the gift cards are obtained, the card pin numbers be turned over to him. Also know that a second subject may get on the line claiming to be a family member that was supposedly arrested.

This is a scam! There is no such Sergeant Davis with the Ludington Police and at no time would any police agency request that bond be paid via gift card or over the phone. Should anyone have any questions or concerns, they may contact the Mason County Sheriffs Office or the Ludington Police Department.

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