Medical Marijuana Dispensaries the Topic of Discussion at Ludington City Council Meeting

It was very packed for the Ludington City Council meeting last night where recreational marijuana was part of the discussion. It was the first presentation of an ordinance to “opt-out” of marijuana dispensaries with in the city limits. Interim City Manager Steve Brock recommended to enact an “opt-out” ordinance to give time to see what happens next at the state level and all around Ludington. The ordinance could still be amended later on if the city decides to change it’s mind. The plan is for the council to vote on that ordinance at the next meeting which takes place on the 17th. There were many in attendance and 9 people from the crowd got up to give their opinion on recreational marijuana during the public comment section of the meeting set apart just for that topic. Opinions ranged from people being completely against an opt-out, some pleeing with the city to wait to make a decision as there was still plenty of time to make one, and a couple of people that agreed the opt-out was the correct move.

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