Wally Cain Has Filed For a Re-count in 5th Ward Councilor Election

Wally Cain has filed for a recount in the 5th ward councilor election. As you may recall, Mr. Cain only lost by 4 votes to Angela Serna. He asked Mason County Clerk Cheryl Kelly for the paperwork and he was requested to give identification and write a letter designating his intent for a recount.

We talked to Mr. Cain at the courthouse and he asserted that he has no ill-will against Angela Serna and his re-count request was only because of such a close vote. He also told us that the encouragement of family, friends and constituents are the reason he requested the re-count.

WMOM contacted Angela Serna and she said “Well, I think it's great that he's exercising his right to do that. I'll welcome and accept whatever outcome it may be. Per the Michigan Election Law he has every right to do that."

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