Local Residents are warned to look out for scams after storms hit the area

Mason County Emergency Management is warning residents to watch out for scam artists who may try to take advantage of disaster survivors after the recent severe storms.
Residents should be cautious of door-to-door solicitors who hand out flyers, offer services or promise to speed up the insurance or contracting process. Scam artists often travel to and target disaster sites to take advantage of disaster survivors who are desperate to repair damage right away and return to a sense of normalcy.
Be skeptical of people promising immediate clean-up and debris removal. Some may demand payment up-front for work they never do, quote outrageous prices, or simply lack the skills, licenses, and insurance to legally do the work.
Individuals are also encouraged to be careful when being solicited for services by phone or email. If the deal being offered is too good to be true, it is probably fraudulent.
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