Metalworks prepares for tariff

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Ludington business Metalworks expects to feel the impact of Presidents Trump's 25% tariff on Steel. “President Trump’s logic for the high steel tariff is both disappointing and confusing.” Said Metalworks President Tom Paine  “Metalworks single largest cost is steel, therefore we have a high degree of focus on what the outcome will be.” He said the Metalworks steel suppliers use a combination of imported and domestic steel to supply their needs. Numerous factors are reported to determine the time and significance of the price change. The President of metalworks met with their largest steel supplier Thursday to discuss the impact to Metalworks.  “This will be a challenge.” Said Mr. Paine, “However, our employees are very good at working together on ideas to mitigate problems like this. We will all work hard to minimize the negative impact associated with the steel tariff.”

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