Ludington Council denies LudRock Pianos

During the Ludington City Council public comment, Ed Santarelli, President of Lud Rock, spoke in favor of placing two pianos for use by the public. One pianto would be placed at Waterfront Park and another at Rotary Park. Santarelli said it was something he had seen in Traverse City that he wanted to bring to Ludington. Others also spoke in favor of the pianos, questioning the committees concern that children may climb on the pianos as that concern could be applied to all installations, leaving our parks barren.

piano number 3

Ultimately, the city council denied the request to place pianos at Waterfront and Rotary Park. After the vote, Brandy Henderson spoke in favor of Lud Rock partnering with additional businesses, citing the current House of Flavors and Mattress Max partnerships as positive. Kathy Winczewski confirmed the committees reasoning, citing very little storage space for items such as the pianos.

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