Commission gains as city begins new search

The Ludington City Council will soon have to seek another new council member. During the last board of commissioners meeting, commissioner Carpenter announced his move from his district, requiring another take his place. It was Gary Castonia, currently the city’s 6th ward counselor who was the only person to submit a letter of interest in the position of 2nd district commissioner. Gary Castonia was confirmed as 2nd District Commissioner at this morning's Mason County Board of commissioners meeting. He is expected to resign from city council.

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The Ludington City Council was in session last night. During yesterdays meeting, the council set a public hearing for the 2018 Downtown Development Authority Millage, which would allow for a total  increase of $49. The meeting was set for July 24th in the municipal building.

Chief Jerry Funk also provided the last 6 months of activity by the Ludington Fire Department to the city council. 17 firefighters responded to 315 incidents since January, most of which were a medical assist.

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