Michigan's $50 Billion Budget

A 50-billion-dollar budget plan was signed by Governor Snyder yesterday. A number of things fall in the budget, but there were a few things also left out.

Schools can expect to see a boost in overall funding. K-12 education will get a 3% increase while universities and community colleges will get 2% more. Michigan cities will also see an increase in funding to help pay for local services, such as police and fire. $11 million is going towards public safety and protests. This will be used to pay for the salaries of Michigan State Police Troopers. It also includes costs associated with public events and increased security around the state Capitol. Almost $12 million will be used to expand the Healthy Kids Dental Program to about 71,000 kids. Some other budgets included are hunting and fishing fees which will receive almost 20 million; the $50 million film incentive program; and an additional $75 million will be put aside for the Rainy Day Fund, which is only used in case of an unexpected economic downfall. Medicaid expansion, long-term road funding and common core were left out of the budget, but still being debated on for the future.

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