Medicaid Expansion

The first step in Medicaid expansion in Michigan has cleared its way.

Yesterday, the House's Michigan Competitiveness Committee advanced the bill, which will now need to be approved by the House floor. The proposal could add health coverage to more than 400,000 low-income Michigan residents. Supporters, including Governor Snyder, believe it's a financial benefit for the state, because if more people are eligible it will reduce the cost of uninsured patients going to the emergency room. Under the reformed Medicaid expansion, adults between 21 and 64, that are added, will have two options after four years. The first is they could buy government-funded insurance or remain on Medicaid by paying more out-of-pocket costs. It will still offer lower premiums for those people that take steps in improving their health, such as not smoking. If the House approves the bill, it could move on to the Senate as early as next week.

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