Brass Knuckles Plea Agreement Rejected; Will Go To Trial

The Mason County Press is reporting a 23-year-old Ludington man accused of possessing brass knuckles will now be headed to trial in 51st Circuit Court.

Soloman-Jones appeared in court yesterday, with his attorney, David Glancy, who said a plea agreement offered to his client has been rejected.

Jonathan Sherrod Soloman-Jones, of Filer St., was arrested on August 24 by the Ludington Police Department for dangerous weapons (brass knuckles).

Then on Oct. 15 at 2:55 a.m. Soloman-Jones was dressed in all black clothing and was found by a Ludington police officer in an area of the city that has had a high incidence of break-ins.

Soloman-Jones attorney David Glancy argued  "There is no indication that Mr. Jones was committing any crimes or engaged in suspicious activity,”. Judge Susan K. Sniegowski granted the motion for the curfew, 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. but with the exception of when Soloman-Jones is working and or attending adult education classes.


Christmas Decoration Responsible for Three FAA Reports

Projecting lights and lasers on buildings is big this holiday season. 

The green laser that was being pointed at a mail plane, and reported three times to the FAA, was a Christmas decoration.

Deputies determined the a green light from a Christmas image was projected onto a barn on Tuttle road and was being reflected into the sky, where the pilot was seeing it. 

The homeowner told deputies that she had heard the reports and wondered if it could be her decorations. She unplugged the decoration immediately, according to the Mason County Sheriff’s Office.

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