Hesperia Man Going to Trial for Arson

The former Hesperia councilman accused of arson is scheduled for  a jury trial. In April of last year, 32-year-old David Sean Pates, was found to be a suspect in the burning down of Hesperia House... a restaurant Pates co-owns. He is expected to stand trial April 8th, on charges of third-degree arson and preparing to burn real property. He faces ten years in prison. Investigators deemed two fires, within the restaurant, as not naturally occurring. The restaurant has been closed since the incident.


Sean Michael Phillips Appeals Reinstatement of Murder Charges

Sean Michael Phillips appeals the reinstatement of murder charges against him in the Baby Kate case. Mlive reports an appeal was filed on Tuesday. In September, of last year, Judge Peter Wadel said there wasn't enough evidence to go to trial. Mason County Prosecutor Paul Spaniola and the Attorney General's Office appealed the ruling and in December, Judge Richard Cooper, overturned the original ruling... allowing them to continue to pursue charges of open murder against Phillips. Phillips has been serving his prison sentence of unlawful imprisonment of his daughter, since 2012.  

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