Refinery Back Online; Gas Prices Drop

Gas prices are dropping. This can be credited to the large BP distillation refinery in Indiana that caused summer gas prices to spike this summer. The refinery restarted last week after being shut down in early August for unscheduled repairs.

Currently the average price in Ludington is 2.38 a gallon. Gas prices have seen the largest price drop of the year, dropping by about 32 cents in the past week. The average price per gallon for the state of Mi is down by over a dollar compared to last year. Prices should continue to fall over the next week and that should help many Labor Day drivers close out the summer driving season with a little more change in their pocket.


The New York Times Visits Ludington

The City of Ludington received a nod from an article written in The NY Times Travel Section. The article 'A tour of Lake Michigan, my inland sea', has special mentions of the State Park and Old Hamlin restaurant. Those were featured for places to go and it also included mentions of Christofferson Farms and Snyder’s Shoreline Inn. Rich Cohen talks about growing up on the lake and coming back to the shores as he explores the coast of Lake Michigan.

find it here:



Update: Perjury Woman Gets Arrested 9 Hours After Being Released From Jail

Giving false testimony during a court trial is obviously against the law.  29 year old Elizabeth Marie Whitaker disregarded this in her testimony on February of 2014 in Mason County.  Whitaker was arrested at her residence Aug 27th and arraigned on the 28th by SSCENT detectives who deal primarily with Narcotics Arrests.  Perjury is a felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison. Whitaker was lodged in Mason county Jail.

The next day parole agents conducted a check on her residence and she reportedly tested positive for drugs resulting in a bond violation. She was released from the county jail at 3:00 PM Friday and arrested 8 hours and 51 minutes later.



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