Rollover Accidents

Several rollovers in the area this morning. Just before 11am, a vehicle rolled over on US-31 near Meisenheimer Road. The Ludington Daily News reports that two people were injured. In Muskegon, six crashes occurred on southbound US-31 near Sternberg Road. They all involved a semi-trailer. Five people went to the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. The highway was closed around 7:30 but was reopened by 9am. Drivers should be cautious of slippery road conditions.


Baldwin Teacher Being Recognized

A Baldwin teacher is receiving  a unique honor on Sunday.  Julie Sherlock of Ludington is  recognized for her work at Baldwin High School at 1 p.m. on Sunday afternoon.  She receives the "Giant Difference" award for her work as a music teacher.  Ms. Sherlock has been featured on TV news stories in the past several years.  One story detailed a class in traditional African drumming in which students demonstrated their skills.  Julie has also led the music program for a local church.

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