Warning and Watching of Fireworks

The US Forest Service Department of Agriculture is reminding the public that neither fireworks, nor any pyrotechnic device, may be discharged anywhere within national forests, regardless of weather conditions or holidays. Fireworks regulations are strictly enforced, with each violation punishable as a misdemeanor with a fine up to $5,000 and/or imprisonment of up to six months.

Fireworks are also not allowed on any type of public property, including streets, sidewalks and city or school parking lots. Public fireworks displays will be split among the local cities. No displays are scheduled for Sunday the 5th of July.

Local Fireworks Displays will be at dusk at the following dates and locations.

July 2-- Hart

July 3-- Pentwater

July 3-- Hamlin Lake

July 4-- Manistee

July 4-- Ludington

July 4-- Silver Lake Sand Dunes


The Internet Says Michigan is #1

The website ranked all fifty states and put Michigan as the definitive best state. According to the popular website, "it's based on everything",  like food/drink, somewhat famous people, unique physical beauty, etc. It would appear that the Pure Michigan campaign, currently under fire due to budget cuts, has caught the countries attention and pulled votes away from vacation states like Florida which actually ranked dead last at 50. Ohio was ranked 48th and labeled the "Florida of the North".


4 Year Anniversary of Baby Kate's Disappearance

June 29th is a sad anniversary in the city of Ludington. Four years ago today, Katherine “Baby Kate” Phillips disappeared. That afternoon her father, Sean Phillips, drove away from her mother Ariel Courtland’s apartment complex with Kate in the car. Courtland would never see her daughter again.

State and federal authorities searched for Baby Kate for weeks. The FBI was brought in to help investigate.

After almost a year of legal discrepancies and no sign of the child, Sean Phillips was sentenced 10 to 15 years in state prison for the unlawful imprisonment of his daughter.

Three months later, Courtland received a letter from Phillips in which many argue he admits to having killed their child. In October 2013, Phillips was charged with open murder based on the new evidence. The case was brought back to court where Mason County District Judge Peter Wadel dismissed the murder charge after finding insufficient evidence.

That ruling has since been overturned and probable cause for a trial has been determined. Wadel appointed himself to the trial and, despite a motion to have him disqualified, will serve as the judge sometime later this year.

Many in the community and the country await justice for Baby Kate, and hopefully a trial will prove to be enough to bring the truth to the surface. 

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