Maki Reads Apology at Commission Meeting

photo courtesy of MCP

Scottville Mayor Richard Maki read a statement apologizing to the public for the behavior of the commission at Monday’s city commission meeting.

“I would like to apologize for the disrespect shown in recent city commission meetings towards the city commission, the city manager, the city attorney and especially the chief of police and his officers and the community as a whole.”

This is directly referring to disbanding the police department, which has been a hot button topic. No longer says Maki “the business of the city police department was decided two years ago and our citizens are happy about it so we are not going to continue to discuss this.”


Millage Voting Today

There is a special election today in Ludington. Two millage request are up for renewal at the poles. West Shore Community College needs its .9732 mill capital improvement levy renewed as well as Mason County Easterns .75-mil site sinking and maintenance tax fund levy. Polls open at 7am and will remain open till 8pm


Windy Storm Causes Outages

Last night 60 Mph wind gusts downed power lines and trees alike, leaving Consumers Energy to pick up the damages. 134,800 people were effected by dozens of downed power lines that Consumers crews are still actively working on restoring. 
It is anticipated that most of the effected customers will not have their power restored until late Wednesday. As of this morning, 94,000 people are still affected by the damages. 
Mason County came out relatively unscathed; LDN reported earlier in the day, wires were down in the area of Fisher Road east of Jebavy Drive, setting a tree on fire about 4:30 PM.  
Great Lakes Energy is reporting just 11 people without power in Mason County. Manistee County had 760 outages reported by Consumers.  If you are without power you can call Consumers at 1-800-477-5050.
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