Possible Bomb Threat At Covenant Christian School

A possible bomb threat was received around noon today at Covenant Christian School.  The threat was reportedly emailed to the school.  All classes have been cancelled for the remainder of the day.  Around 90 students were transported via bus to Mason County Reformed Church on U.S. 10 and Amber Road.  Parents are being asked to please pick your student up at this location.  Sheriff Kim Cole has asked you bring a picture ID, as a school official will check before releasing your student.

Oak Grove Funeral Home and Cremation Center is being used to stage the operation.  Sheriff Cole says no person of interest has been identified.  A bomb-sniffing dog from the Michigan State Police is being brought in from Lansing to canvas the school.  Sheriff Cole anticipates that law enforcement officials will be on-site for quite some time this afternoon.

Stay tuned to 102.7 WMOM for more news as it breaks.


Mason County Board Meeting Wrap And A Surprise

The Mason County Board of Commissioners met for the first time of the New Year.  Basic housekeeping and procedures were addressed.  Contract extensions, appointments and even a surprise announcement comprised the session.

First on the agenda after no public comments the appointment of the Chairman and Vice Chairman.  Both were approved with no incident.  The Chairman of this years Mason County Board of Commissioners will be Curtis VanderWall.  The Vice Chairman will be Bill Carpenter.

Moving through the meeting, basic procedural issues were handled, including renewing the contract of County Administrator Fabian Knizacky.  The board extended his existing contract to three years.  This is a yearly undertaking by the commission, choosing to allow Administrator Knizacky to work on a three-year basis as opposed to year to year.  The contract is now valid through December 31st 2018.  Three years is the maximum allowed under current state law.

To close the meeting, there was a surprise.  Newly appointed Chairman, Curtis Vanderwall made an announcement that he would run for the 101st District House of Representatives seat in the November 8th election.  Tune to 102.7 WMOM for more coverage through out the day.

The next meeting will be, Tuesday, February 9th at 7:00 pm, inside the Mason County Court house.


City Council Meeting Wrap

As the temperatures dropped and the snow flew outside the Ludington Municipal Building last night, there was plenty of heat inside.  The Ludington City Council held their first meeting of the New Year.  The meeting began just as any other would have then came time for the council to open the floor for public comments, and comments there were.  A collection of neighbors from the Washington Avenue and Monona Drive area, near East Tinkham Avenue, came together to express their disapproval of Ordinance No. 322-16 to re-zone the property located at 916 North Washington Avenue to residential 3, from residential 2.  This change would allow for five apartment buildings with parking lots to be constructed on the potentially re-zoned property.

This was just the first presentation of the ordinance, leaving many questions to be asked and answered.  As the Ludington citizens came up to the podium one-by-one, the tension mounted.  Mayor Ryan Cox declined comment.  Needless to say, this will be a hotly contested issue for the residents living near the proposed re-zoning ordinance.

City Manager, John Shay addressed the council and public in attendance on the biggest issue facing the city this year and for the next few years.  Ludington will be updating its water and sewer system along with adressing the infrastructure.  Both are more than 40 years old.  This is an expensive but necessary project was the tone that was expressed by the council.  Total dollars for the project could reach the low $30 million mark.

The next meeting will be January 25th at 6:30 at the Municipal Building in Ludington.

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