S.S.Badger To Launch On Maiden Voyage Of 2016

The S-S Badger launches this morning for its ‘Maiden Voyage’ of the 2016 season.  A media tour of the newly minted National Historic Landmark will take place to kick off the celebratory day.  The 410 foot six inch long, awe-inspiring vessel is the last remaining coal-fired passenger vessel operating on the Great Lakes.  Capturing its National Historic Landmark status January 20th, of this year.  The S.S. Badger transports passengers between Ludington and Manitowoc, Wisconsin, connecting US-10 on a four-hour float across the states namesake lake.  Recently the S.S Badger installed a coal-retention system.  This was the last hurdle to clear, helping it to earn its status, that is and will continue to live on in infamy.  A new mascot joins the voyage for the season on the family friendly ship -- ‘Captain Conrad’ will be his name.  Along with new additions and the traditional voyages and events, a new cruise has been added to the season operations.  The S-S Badger hours of operation and fare pricing are available at


Mason County Board Of Commissioners Wrap ... May 10th, 2016

The Mason County Board of Commissioners conducted business Tuesday holding its monthly meeting.  Tuesdays agenda a fairly mundane one filled with resolutions along with a report on the Mason County Airport given by Manager Dave Johnson.  Manager Johnson went on in his report to say that all but one of the hangers is rented for the year and 24 planes are housed at the airport.  Other business handled at the monthly meeting was the purchasing of bulletproof vests for the Mason County Sheriffs Department.  Wrapping the meeting was Chairman Vanderwall and the commissioners approving a resolution declaring June 18th, 2016 as Mason County Sports Hall of Fame Day.


Ludington City Council Meeting Wrap ... May 9th, 2016

The Ludington City Council met last night.  It was not business as usual.  Councilwoman, Kaye Ferguson-Holman spoke about some language that does not match in the city by-laws with the states, in regards to the residency of a future city manager.  However, due to an absence on the council last night the residency restriction will stay in place for the time being as it did not pass with a two-thirds majority.  Councilwoman, Ferguson-Holman does not like what could happen in the future with the restrictions potentially being removed.  John Shay, current Ludington City Manager does reside in the city limits.  Councilwoman, Ferguson-Holman also feels the City Treasurer and City Clerk should be appointed positions to assure proper qualifications.  Due to the absence, once again this was not passed and will be discussed further.  The 2015 Marina Report was given highlighting some repairs that have and still need to be made to the 35 year old docks.  The meeting wrapped with Mayor Ryan Cox accepting the resignation of Brian Purtee from the Zoning Board of Appeals.

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