Community Bonfire Tonight

The city's second bonfire of the summer will take place tonight on the south side of Stearns Beach. It starts at 8pm and goes until 10pm. The first bonfire saw about 500 people make their way to the beach to catch a piece of that Pure Michigan summer. Enjoy some acoustic goodness by charter boat captain, and local fan favorite Adam Knudsen.

Storms are possible for tonight, but not probable. Keep listening to WMOM for the latest in weather updates.


Multiple Meth Related Pleas in 51st Circuit Court

51st Circuit Court in Ludington heard an interesting collection of charges and pleas Tuesday including: retail fraud, home invasion, and assaults on officers. Among these were two guilty pleas to methamphetamine related charges.

After SSCENT raided his home earlier this year, Russell Wallager (30) of Branch pleaded guilty yesterday to operating an in-house meth lab in addition to two felony firearm counts. Wallager could face up to 50 years in prison for the charges.

In addition, Jacqueline Towers (63) of Fountain pleaded guilty to purchasing common cold medicines to aid her grandson Travis's meth manufacturing. The two cases are considered entirely unrelated. 


Ludington Offshore Classic Weather and Results

Mother Nature played a big role in this year’s Ludington Offshore Classic. Severe thunderstorms forced boats out of the water early Saturday morning restricting the competition to one full day of fishing Sunday.

Even with weather complications, fishermen managed to reel in some monsters including a 21-pound lake trout caught by “It’s Me.”

The Offshore Classic’s winners included: the Dream Weaver's “Fin Girls” in the women’s division, team “Anglerfish” in the amateur division, and a repeat title claim from “Pier Pressure” in the top division. 

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