Mother Bear Killed With Cubs Present; DNR Seeks Arrest

Its illegal to kill a mother bear with her cubs. A Zeeland man is being sought for arrest after allegedly killing a mother black bear with three cubs on September 23 in Oceana County.

The man was hunting legally with a bear permit, but the cost of shooting a mother bear with cubs present is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of $500 to $2,000 and loss of hunters license for four years and forfeiture of the weapon.

The mother bear was wearing a tracking collar and has been confiscated as evidence.


Half-Staff Today to Honor Firefighter

The Ludington Library is flying its American flag at half-staff today. This is an order from Governor Rick Snyder to honor a longtime Muskegon County Firefighter who died last week after having a heart attack.

Richard Crosby Sr. a 67 yr old responded to a medical call in Casnovia Township Thursday evening. A few hours later after returning home Crosby went into Cardiac arrest. His death is considered in the line of duty because it happened within 24 hours of the call.  

Cardiac arrest is the number  one cause of death for firefighters.

Along with American flags being flown at half staff today Crosby who spent 44 years serving the community will receive a heroes funeral.


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