Blaze On Sixth St Engulfed Home, Total Loss

Early Monday morning Pere Marquette and Ludington firefighters had no chance to save a house engulfed in flames from total loss.  Tim Castonia heard a very loud noise this morning and went running from his home in just his underwear.  His wife who also lives at the residents across the street from Towns Bros. Construction, on Sixth St. just east of Pere Marquette Hwy. was helping a friend early this morning and was not home at the time.

Castonia was able to escape the blaze with no injuries.  However, Castonia the owner of three dogs and two cats was unable to save them and they perished in the fire.  Along with the loss of his animals, Castonia lost several guns and ammunition.

A cause for the blaze has not yet been determined.


Lurking Man To Be Arrested And Arraigned

The suspicious man lurking about the 900 block of Elder Lane, Tuesday morning has been questioned and a pair of binoculars have been confiscated along with a confession of a series of window peeping incidents over the last several months.

The male subject is a Fountain resident who works the night shift in the City of Ludington.  The subject was released pending an issuance of a warrant.  Once the warrant is issued the suspect will arrested and arraigned by the Mason County District Court.


Arrest Made In 7 Count Felony Warrant, Duplicate Warrant Issued For Man Still At Large

A 19-year-old male was arrested Tuesday when he returned to Mason County Court House for a marijuana possession charge, stemming from a December 22, 2015 incident where he and another 19-year-old from Detroit were stopped in Ludington.

The two were stopped after deputies received a “suspicious situation” call at the Airport EZ Mart located in the 5400 block of W. US10 in Pere Marquette Township.  After finding small amounts of marijuana on both men an inventory of the vehicle was taken and the vehicle was found to contain 139 cartons of various cigarettes, which is more than 27,000 cigarettes along with an assortment of debit cards.

The 19-year-old has been charged with one felony count of violating the Tobacco Products Tax Act.  This count is punishable by 5 years or $50,000 fine.  He was also charged with five felony counts of Financial Transaction Device-Stealing/Retaining without Consent, punishable by 4 years or $5,000 fine on each count.  The final count, making seven total felony counts was Identity Theft, punishable by five years or $25,000 fine.

The Mason County Sheriffs Office has issued a duplicate warrant for the other 19-year-old man who remains at large.

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