Suspect Apprehended

Jessie O’Connor was being sought in connection with two previous Domestic Violence complaints that occurred in Ludington and as a parole absconder from the Michigan Department of Corrections. Mr. O’Connor was found hiding in a tree line, in Freesoil.  Coincidentally, earlier Yesterday afternoon Manistee City P.D. recovered the 1999 Chevrolet Suburban that was stolen in the City of Ludington in the early morning hours of Wednesday, October 19th. It is yet to be determined whether the two incidents are related. Both investigations are ongoing.



WSCC Student Senate offers Drunk Driving simulator

DrunkDriving Simulation

West Shore Community College’s Student senate offered a drunk driving simulation to students Tuesday, October 18th, to raise awareness of the danger of drinking and driving. “They wanted us to come in for the drunk driving simulation  for alcohol awareness. We bring in the simulator and do the DUI and as you drive it gets a bit harder to steer and brake. We put goggles on them so that they get what .08 [feels like.]” said Jason Black with Preferred entertainment. According to the CDC about one in three traffic deaths in the United States involve a drunk driver.


West Shore Community College Board of Trustees meeting10.17.16

West Shore CC

West Shore Community College Board of Trustees met yesterday afternoon. Mike Ennis opened the meeting by highlighting the importance of childcare provided at community college, saying “ Parent who use childcare are 3x more likely to go on to pursue a bachelor's degree or graduate within 3 years of enrollment.” President Kenneth Urban and the board approved with thanks the donation of “acrobats” a sculpture by the late abstract artist Manierre Dawson, from the Regonold Yaple estate. Senator Darwin Booher and Representative Ray Franz celebrated the role West shore has played in providing education to the community by presenting a legislative tribute. Student senate presented upon current activities. They reported an increase in events, from 3 student senate lead events in at this point last year to 13 this year. Bruce Smith reviewed the financial report, saying  that there has been an increase in enrollment numbers but a decrease in contact hours. The meeting concluded with information regarding an addition of an art gallery and art storage area that are able to fit into the facilities master plan.

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