Lake lit up for the entrance of 2017

new years eve ball drop dec 28


The lake was certainly lit up this weekend. Thousands were drawn to Ludington to ring in the New year as Ludington ‘s eighth Annual Light Up the Lake Ball Drop occurred. Some were drawn back to the area after vacationing here for the summer, others took the trek up from Grand Rapids to celebrate with their northern neighbors. Many businesses brought out live music and midnight snacks to entice the crowd to engage with businesses.


“We’ve been busy on and off all day. It goes on cycles." Said Todd Reed from Todd and Brad Reed Photography. "Whenever it’s eating time people are not so much in the store but as you can see now, dinner's over everyone’s here enjoying road less traveled which is an amazing local band and we’re just lucky to have them in ludington.”


Mayor Kaye Holman Ferguson said about the coming year, “We started a lot of things in 2016 and I want to at least fulfill those but I'm sure we're going to do a lot of new things. Ludington is such a vibrant town and it's getting more and more that way and I just know 2017 is going to be a wonderful year.”


The 2016 Drive Safe, Drive Sober campaign was considered a success by the Ludington Police Department. A total of 1,450 individuals were transported to and from their holiday destinations and fifteen of those had their vehicles towed free of charge. There were six traffic crashes during this year’s celebration, but none of those involved injury or alcohol.


Ludington is running with the ball after Grand Rapids cancels dropping theirs

new years eve ball drop Dec 28

This years Light up the Lake is expected to be the bigger than ever with the announcement of Grand Rapids cancellation of their New Year's Eve Ball drop. Mom News spoke to Kathy MacLean  executive director of the Ludington Area Convention & Visitors Bureau about how many people they expect to see during the ball drop.  “We usually have about 10 thousand and I'm guessing we’re going to be well over that this year. With the word being out in Grand Rapids that we have a ball drop is up here and everyone is invited. Things are blowing up on facebook and we’ve been getting phone calls about reservations at our hotels so it should be a big night.”


The Ludington ball features 6000 LED lights that will be dropped in the heart of downtown with a backdrop of fireworks, a beer garden with entertainment, and some outside standing heaters. We spoke to Jen Tooman from the Downtown Development Authority about what guests should expect to see at Light up the Lake.  “So the ball is going to be hoisted up by the crane and it's going to be dropped at the intersection of James st  and ludington ave. The fireworks come off the roof of the Lucianos building.”

Ludington Mass Transportation Authority will also be providing free rides to and from downtown to encourage safe driving this holiday. Rides can be reserved  between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Dec. 31 or from 8 p.m. Dec. 31 to 3:30 a.m. Jan. 1 by calling 231.845.6218


Board of Commissioners meeting 12.28.16

Court House


The Mason County Board of Commissioners met last night. The Commission voted to adopt the 2017 budget for the Mason County's Special revenue and Debt service funds. The Board went onto vote to approve the judgement in relation with consumers energy wind turbines. The agreement found that sound testing will occur in the spring of 2017 at locations 1,2, 6, and 10 during conditions in compliance with the mitigation plan sound testing protocol. Some of the testing locations were chosen due to incomplete data collected in 2016.


During the meeting, the board resolved to honor Chairman Curt Vanderwall and his 6 years of service to Mason County as a volunteer and leader within the community. Words of support and well wishes were heard for Chairman Vanderwall as this was his last meeting as Chairman of the Board. Curt Vanderwall said “We do live in what I feel is one of the greatest counties in the State of michigan.” He spoke highly of working with the commissioners and said he is looking forward to serving the community in his new role as State Representative.

The meeting concluded with honoring Connie Anderson’s retirement from the equalization office, detailing her dedication and professionalism in the community.  

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