UPDATE Muskegon Heights HS Shooting

Four people were shot Tuesday night following a basketball game at Muskegon Heights High School.  Officials said Wednesday that they heard “chatter” before the game but nothing to indicate a violent crime of this level.

It is believed that the alleged shooter was one of the people shot during the ruckus.

Grand Rapids Public Schools spokesman John Helmboldt said extra precautions were taken by barring individuals from the game to prevent distractions.


Shooting At Muskegon Heights High School After Basketball Game

Four people were shot at Muskegon Heights High School on Tuesday night.  A sheriff’s deputy shot the alleged shooter.  All four victims were said to have non-life threating injuries, according to interim Muskegon County Heights Police Chief, Dr. Joseph E. Thomas, Jr.  Two males and two females were taken to Mercy Health Hackley Campus.

Early indications are the incident seemed to be driven by a dispute in Grand Rapids last week.

Thomas said they knew of a potential situation and alerted the Muskegon County Sheriff’s Office and the Muskegon Heights Police Department to be on hand to keep the unwanted individuals out.  After the individuals were kept out they moved to a nearby football field where the shots were fired.

All buildings within the Muskegon Heights Public School Academy System will be closed Wednesday and counselors will be on hand.

The Ludington Boy’s Basketball team hosts Muskegon Heights on Wednesday, February 24th at Hawley Gymnasium.


Covenant Christian Bomb Threat UPDATE

A 13-year-old Mount Pleasant, S.C. teen has been charged with a 15-year felony terrorism charge in his home state after he emailed a false bomb threat to Covenant Christian School on January 19th of this year.  The boy was involved in online gaming with two local teens, one of which was targeted as a victim.

The three young teens interacted at some point while online gaming before the threat was received at the school.  The threat stated that the targeted teen had a bomb in a backpack.

Another bomb threat situation took place at Mason County Eastern School on January 29th of this year.  So far no links between the two threats and the state and nationwide automated rash of bomb threats has been made.

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