Autopsy results released for woman found in lake


On Saturday, Manistee County deputies found missing 40 year old Marcia Mackey  about ¼ mile from her residence in the Manistee lake. Preliminary Autopsy results found that there was no signs of blunt trauma or injury, but water was found in her lungs and stomach. Additional toxicology and histology tests are being performed. Results for those tests will be received in the next couple weeks.


Officer involved shooting in Manistee

Officer involved shooting in Manistee. Yesterday evening, a Manistee police officer was in the 400 block of Second Street doing ordinance enforcement. 73 year old resident, Lee Pat Milks came out of the house with a long gun. An area gun expert says the weapon was an AK-47 replica designed to hold 40 rounds.

AK 47

Milks ordered the officer away from the area. Backup was called to the scene while Milks chambered a round and aimed at the officer. The officer responded to the threat by firing multiple rounds from his handgun, resulting in Lee Milks going down and the weapon being secured. The officer was not injured and there is no evidence at this time that Lee Milks was able to fire his weapon. Mr. Milks died overnight as a result of the injuries in the shooting. The officer's name will not be released and is on administrative leave with pay during the investigation. The case has been transferred the the Michigan State police.

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