A cold February for Michiganders

Michigan boasts one of the coldest Februarys in the country. Compared to normal temperatures, Michigan stamped the second coldest February temperatures, second only to Ohio. Most cities in Michigan averaged 13 to 14 degrees below the normal average temperature. This year in fact Grand Rapids recorded its coldest February on record.


The Ludington Lake Jump has been postponed due to lack of safe access.

The Ludington Lake jump will be postponed this year to April 11th. DPW Supt. Joe Stickney, PD Cpt. Mike Harrie and City Manager John Shay all agree;  At this time there is no easy access to open water due to ice.  For safety reasons and the fact that it  would be very difficult for the DPW to move the frozen sand to open up an area on the beach for the Lake Jump, that the event be postponed until April 11th.  

The good news is that it gives the community more time to donate to the Ludington Maritime Museum.



Likely cause for garage fire released.

Probable cause for garage fire in Manistee is uncovered. The hobby garage went up on in flames on 185 Taylor street the first of this month. The Michigan State police, the Manistee police, and the property owners insurance say that it is probable that the cause of the fire was the use of a welder operated by a private contractor thawing a frozen water line at an adjacent property. Further investigation is still taking place. Nearly a dozen antique cars were destroyed, no one was injured however.  

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