Spectrum sees benefit in parkinson's treatment

A new rehabilitation treatment method at Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital, known as “LSVT BIG,” is showing large benefits for people with Parkinson’s disease. While there is not yet a complete cure for Parkinson’s, treatment often helps people manage the chronic disorder and enjoy a better quality of life. One recently introduced treatment, is known as “LSVT BIG” because it’s a variant of the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) Program for speech therapy, and due to the exaggerated movement exercises it employs. The program is proving to enhance control of limb movement and balance, keys to overall quality of life for Parkinson’s patients. More than two dozen people have successfully completed the intensive program through the hospital’s outpatient rehabilitation services.

David and Rachel exercising 49 200

One of them is David Smedley, 77, of Free Soil. Smedley was skeptical that the program would work, but was amazed at how the overstated motions helped him control the shaking and use his hand again. Small motor skills 58 200

Rachel Young, a physical therapist assistant, said, “It’s a very intensive program—virtually constant motion during each session. It doesn’t take long before patients see the benefit and how it helps to improve day-to-day function. For David, we saw significant improvement after just two weeks.” Patients are encouraged to make their exercises a life-long pursuit and return for periodic “tune-ups” with their rehabilitation specialists.

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Superintendent search continues

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Last night, the Ludington Area School District Board of Education completed 3 interviews for the position of superintendent. Board members were pleased by all the candidates passion for teaching and putting kids as the priority. Two candidates have been chosen to move onto the next round of interviews; Wendy Maynard-Somers  the current  middle school principal for Fruitport Community Schools and Jason Kennedy,  the current superintendent at Holton Public Schools. The next round of interviews will occur on March 9th.


LASD to interview Superintendent candidates

Ludington Areas school district Board members will be interviewing 3 candidates for the position of superintendent, Today Wednesday March 1st. The current superintendent, Andrea Large is set to retire at the end of June.

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Former Interim Superintendent Dave Killips, of the Michigan Leadership Institute has been asked to assist in the search for the new Superintendent. The interviews will be open to the public, with the first occurring at 3:30 p.m. with Wendy Maynard-Somers  the current  middle school principal for Fruitport Community Schools. At 5:15pm Board members will be meeting with Michael Behrmann the current executive director of elementary education for Rochester Community Schools. The final interview will occur at 7:00pm with Jason Kennedy,  the current superintendent at Holton Public Schools.

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