VanderWall career tech bill passes

On Thursday, the house passed a four-bill package, including legislation Rep. Curt Vanderwall sponsored, to provide more flexibility in the Michigan Merit Curriculum to allow for more paths to career technical education programs. Vanderwall spoke in Lansing about the purpose of his bill, “Ultimately, who knows better than the parent, the school and the child where they want to go and if foreign language doesn’t fit into their career path, they need that option, and that what this bill does.”

Vanderwall also spoke about the impact he foresees this bill having on the community. “We went through a period of time where we put people on a career path to go to college, and we’ve swung the pendulum so far that now we have great sustaining career family jobs in our local communities that allow our kids, especially the kids in my district to remain near their family, raise their families and have great sustaining jobs with a great pay scale.”

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Currently, Michigan merit standards allow for one foreign language course requirement to be met by completing a career/technical education (CTE) or visual/performing arts course to graduate high school. VanderWall’s bill, House Bill 4316, removes the 2021 expiration date and allows students to continue having this option.


Name of man killed in manistee accident released

Wednesday, a tan or gold SUV turned into the wrong lane on US-31 in Manistee resulting the the collision of two other vehicles. Dean Horaszewski was killed as a result of the accident. The Manistee sheriff is following up on tips received regarding the tan or gold SUV that left the scene.  If anyone has any information on this accident of the unknown vehicle or driver, please contact the sheriff's office at (231) 723-8393.


White Pine Village prepares for opening


The Mason County Historical Society is seeking volunteers to prepare the village for the May 6th opening. They are in need of volunteers to clean buildings, do yard work and other tasks to aid in opening of the village. The Mason County Historical Society is planning four work-bees, Thursdays, April 6 and 13, and two Saturdays, April 22 and 29, will be set aside to work on cleaning the buildings and grounds and decorating for our 41st summer of operations.  If you are interested but cannot attend the scheduled work bees, you can contact the society to set up a time that is convenient for you by calling 843-4808

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