West Shore Community College invites Alumni back

West Shore Community College's 6000 plus alumni are invited to a 50th anniversary celebration. The homecoming picnic will occur Friday June 30th at 5pm on the campus quad on the east side of the college’s Technical Center.


Thom Hawley, executive director of the communications and community engagement, said anyone who graduated from or earned at least 45 credits from the college is invited to attend for a picnic style dinner and reunite with others who got their start at WSCC. College retirees, past and present faculty and staff are also invited.In addition to the picnic, the event will include music, tours of the college’s facilities and the unveiling of plans to create an alumni plaza on the campus.The event is free, however an RSVP is required. For more information, visit the college’s web site,



Beer is big buisness in Michigan

A new report released shows how big of a beer business is in Michigan. The Beer Serves America data, released by the National Beer Wholesalers Association and the Beer Institute, finds that Michigan’s beer industry had an overall economic impact of more than $10.5 billion in 2016. “Michigan’s independent, locally owned beer distributors strive to support small businesses, like craft brewers and local retailers, and help them grow and thrive on a level playing field,” said Spencer Nevins, president of the Michigan Beer and Wine Wholesalers Association.

beer pour

According to the report, Michigan beer distributors employ 4,752 people and have a direct economic impact of more than $860 million. Ludington has recently welcomed the opening of a new brewery in downtown and is home to multiple breweries and craft brewers.


Three currently interested in 5th ward council seat

With the recent resignation of Nick Tykowski as fifth ward councilor, three names have emerged to take his seat on the city commission.

Steve Miller, a promotion manager at WMOM has filed his name for the position.  Steve Miller currently serves on the Downtown Development authority. Wally Cain,  IT Director for FloraCraft, has expressed interest in the position. Cain has served on the zoning board of appeals and the Mason County building authority.  Michael Shaw of Ludington has also filed a letter with the city to take over Tykowski’s unexpired term. Shaw has previously served on the Mason County Planning and zoning Department in 2014.

City Clerk, Debbie Luskin has fielded calls from other interested parties. The deadline for notifying the City of an interest in the position is May 30th. The City Council will interview the prospective candidates in an open forum beginning at 4:00 pm, Monday June 12th.

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