An executive board meeting this morning at West Shore Community College

WMOM sources say that a recommendation is being drafted on the future of Dr. Kenneth Urban. The executive board is comprised of Bruce Smith, Mike Ennis, and Jim Jensen. WMOM has reached out to Dr. Kenneth Urban to respond to the call for his dismissal. The appeal was made to the board by Professor Matthew Sanderson at the last trustee meeting. WSCC says that executive meetings are not regulated under the open meetings act and therefore not required to be publicized. The recommendation from today's meeting is expected to be on the agenda for the June 19th trustee meeting.


Manistee considers land bank

Manistee County is exploring the idea of establishing a Land Bank.  Land Banks acquire title to problem properties, eliminate the liabilities, and sell the properties to new, responsible owners in a transparent and efficient manner.  Russell Pomeroy, County Treasurer, will host three experts on June 12, 2017 at 1pm-3pm at the Manistee County Court House in the Board of Commissioners Room. They will speak about what a Land Bank is and how it is benefiting their community.  The public is invited to attend the free presentation.

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