Post Office Hours for 4th of July Weekend

The Ludington Post Office has listed special hours for the holiday weekend. Today, July 3rd, is the official federal business holiday, but the Post Office will remain open for operation briefly from 8 A.M. to 12 P.M. (noon). The Post Office will observe the holiday tomorrow by closing all day on the 4th. West Shore and other banks in the area will also maintain usual business hours today and close Saturday. If you need to do any banking or shipping this weekend, make sure to get it handled today. 


Family of 5 Wild Bears Living Near Ludington

Photo courtesy of

A family of 5 bears has been caught on camera just 20 miles east of downtown Ludington. A trail camera in Fountain has captured images of a mother bear and her 4 cubs stopping to eat at a bait pile in the woods. Be weary of these wild animals as they may be crossing roads or hunting in nearby woodland areas. If you see this family of bears, do your best to keep your distance; mother bears are known to act viciously if they feel their cubs are being threatened. 

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