Alcohol a Contributing Factor to Man Who Jumped From the Stewart J. Cort

Reasons for the man who jumped off the Stewart J Court into lake Michigan have come to light.  

Sheriff Kim Cole says the man was told to stay in his quarters after he apparently violated the companies zero tolerance policy. Instead of staying in his quarters where he was ordered to go for the duration of the trip, crew members witnessed the the 41 yr-old  man climb over the rail and jump from the vessel.

He reportedly went overboard approximately four miles northwest of Big Sable Point on Lake Michigan. His body has still not yet been recovered.


Sheriff Cole Has a Chat With IRS Scammers

The IRS scam is well known to many in Mason County.  Yesterday, Sheriff Kim Cole decided to have some fun with the scammer. 

A man posing as an IRS agent called a local resident stating that he was "D. Brown" and wanted to collect money.  The resident complained to the sheriff's office, so the sheriff called the number back.  He asked the scammer if he'd ever been in a Michigan jail?  The recipient of the Sheriffs call backs kept hanging up.  The sheriff kept calling back with even more outrageous statements and comments, escalating the conversation. 

The phone number of the crook and full story is posted on the sheriff's Facebook page.  While the IRS insists that they don't directly call taxpayers to collect money--that's not exactly true--as agents will call in some cases and reportedly the abuse is not much different than that of "D. Brown".


North Breakwater Closed: To be Re-evaluated Today

A citizen calling the Ludington Police Department to report people walking on the North Breakwater in Ludington prompted police to block access amid heavy winds and waves. Ludington beach patrol, the City Manager, the Fire Chief, D.P.W. Superintendent, and the Police Chief agreed that the closure was warranted.  

Conditions will be re-evaluated today to determine when to re-open the North Breakwater. Riptide warning remains in effect today.

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