Ludington City Council Meeting Wrap ... May 23rd, 2016

The Ludington City Council convened for its bi-weekly council meting last night from the Municipal Building.  The usual order to start the meeting, opening with public comments and the approval of minutes from the previous meeting.  Continuing on to committee reports first from the finance committee giving the first presentation of a bevy ordinances regarding taxes and operating finances.  The monthly police activity report was given.  Arrests and Apprehensions were down from April of 2015 to just 24 this April.  Traffic citations rose from 2015 April to 92 to citations in 2016.  Conditional Rezoning of 916 N. Washington Ave. as well as the adoption of a tall grass fines ordinance that increases the fines based on number of offenses were passed.  Wrapping the meeting the energy seemed good as the tourist season and summer approach for our beautiful city of Ludington.


Michigan Adventure Race 2016 Epic Edition

Todd and Brad Reed photography present Michigan Adventure Race 2016 … Epic Edition Saturday, May 21st at Ludington State Park.  Do something Epic.  Experience five or ten hours of intensely fun and challenging trekking, orienteering, paddling, and biking over some of the most beautiful and rugged terrain in Michigan at jaw-dropping, eye-popping Ludington State Park. This is a classic style wilderness adventure race. No urban sections or Amazing Race-type challenges.  Registration is open now through the end of the day Wednesday for the standard two-person team divisions or as a solo or three-person team.  Log on to to register for Michigan Adventure Race 2016 … Epic Edition Saturday, May 21st at Ludington State Park.


'Cops & Doughnuts' Takes Over Operation At Local Bakery

Yesterday marked a historic day for a local bakery, 'Cops & Doughnuts' officially began operation of its third precinct.  The former cops of Claire, Michigan purchased the bakery from the McDonalds family.  'The Suit' and Ryno two of those former cops and intrigel members of the 'Cops & Doughnuts' team were on hand Sunday morning to get the operation off and running.  The energy inside the bakery Sunday morning was electric.  Sunday all so marked an historic day for the Ludington Police Department, celebrating its 100th birthday.  Happy Birthday and a salute to all the fine gentlemen and ladies at the LPD.

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