The City Wants Public Input on Dog Beaches

Thinking about taking your dog to the beach? You wont be going to Stearns Beach.  Last night the City sent back  the request to allow dogs & owners to access the beach on the south side of the north breakwater. Thats basiclly the beach located where Ludington Ave dead-ends.While Buttersville, Pentwater, and Cartier Park have beaches designating a spot for Rufus to frolic and cool off, City manager Jon Shay says the negatives out way the positives for Stearns Beach. Mason County Mutts has stepped up in offering doggy stations for bags, disposal bins, and two signs designating the area.

Regardless of concessions put forward, this issue has been sent back to committee.

Feel strongly one way or another? Now is a great time to have your voice be heard on this issue. Council member Kaye Ferguson Holman said she wants community input via email, phone calls, or attending city council meetings. Her email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and you can contact her at 231-590-2259.


Ludington North Breakwater Vandalized

The North Breakwater off of Stearns Beach has been heavily vandalized. The walkway to the lighthouse was tagged in at least 5 areas over the weekend.

Vandals used bright green spray paint to leave a combination of messages and images that are still clearly visible. The tags included a moon, sun, peace-symbol, clouds, waves, tic-tac-toe board, and even the phrase “I (heart) Ludington.”

Though this was clearly not an act of hate, it is still an act of crime. If you have any information regarding the taggers, please contact the Ludington Police Department. 


Downtown Ludington Business Keeping Choice to Buy Confederate Flag Available for Shoppers

You can still get a confederate flag in Ludington. Garth Lemere, owner of the AGS gift shop on Ludington Avenue says that a new shipment came in on Thursday afternoon.  There were over 100 flags in several boxes.  More than 23 were sold immediately. 

The state of South Carolina recently took the confederate down and that has thrown the flag into a serious topic of debate. The flag has also been banned by Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, and Sears. Ebay states their reasoning for the ban is that "the flag has become a contemporary symbol of divisiveness and racism."

Those opposed to the banning southern flag site history, freedom of speech, and many say that the flag is not a symbol of hate. Since there is no current ban Alternative Gift Shop will continue to lawfully sell the rebel flag.

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