Young Eagles Soar

On Saturday, 210 children were given free plane rides by the Mason County Pilots association.

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Those too young to fly were given a small helicopter. Experienced pilots from Oceana and Mason County provided the free flights to foster a love of aviation in area youth.


City Council will review Milages

The Ludington City council will be receiving several presentations on ordinances to adjust the mileage. This is due to the Headlee Amendment, which limits the amount that can be collected to the rate of inflation. Ordinances for operating millage, Police Pension millage, Downtown Development authority millage and tax levies of the same will be presented for the first time. The Police Pension Fund rate is expected to stay the same as last year, general operating millage and Refuse Fund are expected to see a slight drop. The council will vote on the millages in a future meeting.The Ludington City council is meeting tonight at 6:30pm at the Municipal Building.


Distressed swimmers close Breakwall Friday

Friday afternoon, the Ludington Breakwall was closed due to dangerous conditions after three girls from Ludington were swimming in the North Breakwater and the No Swim Area. They were swept into the breakwater due to wind and wave conditions. A  29 year old Berkley, MI jumped in to assist in the rescue and ended up with a facial lacerations.

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All were assisted from the water by Beach patrol members. The four were transported to Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital by Life E.M.S. for evaluation and treatment.

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