4th of July Firework Safety

With Fourth of July festivities in full swing its important to remember firework safety. Last night two people were injured in Iona Township due to fireworks. One of them was injured badly enought that he had to be airlifted to a hospital.10,000 Americans will be injured by fireworks during Fourth of July celebrations. 11 people died in fireworks-related incidents last year. Its important to know that most firework injuries are burns to the fingers but in the past three years firework related eye injuries have doubled. If your eye is injured do not touch or rub it. Do not attempt to remove anything from your eye and make sure that your not using water instead use eye solution. Seek medical attention immediately.


Grant Winners from Love Ludington

The Love Ludington mini grant contest has announced its $500 winners.  

The public has voted for "Dog Friendly Projects by Mason County Mutts" and "Rain Activated Art in Downtown Ludington".

Dog friendly projects would put bowls, leash tie-ups, and bag stations in downtown Ludington.

The rain activated art would be applied to sidewalks as fun sayings or phrases that would appear when wet.

In true Ludington fashion, the ideas didn't stop there. Local donors have stepped up with offers to fund $500 to these following projects as well.

Mason County Eastern Outdoor Classroom - Putting a good use to their currently unused courtyard.

Occupy James Street - To beautify James Street for our visitors.

Workshop Wednesdays at the Ludington Area Center for the Arts. - For Kids to explore their artistic talents.

For more contribution goodness visit the Love Ludington Facebook page and help make positive things happen in Mason County!


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