LACA to Elect New Board Members

The Ludington Area Center for the Arts will be having a celebratory meeting to confirm/elect new board members. Their Yearly Member Meeting and Celebration is open to the public as they are invited to join in on the celebration. The event takes place Tuesday, June 16, 6:00pm at The Ludington Area Center for the Arts, 107 S. Harrison St. There will also be a Year in Review, Volunteer Recognition and the unveiling of the 2015 West Shore Art Fair Poster. Immediately following the meeting the public can enjoy refreshments and self-guided tours through the facility.


Woman to Face Prison Time for Drunken Car Theft

A Manistee woman is facing 2 to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to stealing and operating an automobile while intoxicated... for the third time. Over the last 10 years Susan Kay Lewis has been arrested three separate times for drunk driving a stolen car and has chalked up a grand total of seven felony convictions dating back as far as 1988. When asked about the issue, Lewis's attorney claimed, "She realizes that she needs to address this matter." 


Love Ludinton to Offer $500 Grants to Contest Winners

A local contest is underway to help improve our community. Love Ludington is an initiative for residents of Mason County to submit ideas for projects and programs to make Ludington a better place. The contest is open to anyone with plans that could benefit Mason Cpunty residents, visitors, or nature. A minimum of two contestants will receive $500 grants to help make their ideas into realities. For more information, check out Love Ludington on facebook.

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