Erik Etchison

Where are you from?

Scottville, Michigan 


Where did you go to school for Radio?

Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida 

What are some of your likes?

Cooking, hockey, concerts, creativity, sour gummy worms and photography

What are some of your dislikes?

Seafood, cooked vegetables, working out and anything standing in the way of being fat and happy. 

What are your fears?

Snakes, especially on a plane 

About Me:

After learning about my love of sound in high school, I moved to Orlando, Florida to continue my education of Audio Engineering. After graduating with my degree, I was blessed to welcome a beautiful daughter into my world and take my first job working for America’s Funniest Videos. From there, it has been a wild ride. After 9 years, over 150 national tour dates with acts ranging from Montgomery Gentry to Rob Zombie, 38 television shows and 3 movies I decided to move back home to Ludington, Michigan to relax. That didn’t last long as WMOM quickly called and asked me to join the Morning Madhouse. From here, who knows what’s next in my quest to gain more knowledge of the ever changing entertainment industry. In the meantime I love meeting all of our listeners and serving the great community I am proud to call my home town!