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Montague Fire Chief Will Head to Trial for Felony Assault

The Montague Fire Chief will go to trial for a felony assault. 

Montague Fire District Chief Dennis Roesler was in the Muskegon County Court yesterday, along with his family. His wife testified against him saying that in April, her husband, while drunk, pointed a handgun at her during an argument. Roesler's son also testified as a witness, and said that his father didn't point the gun directly at his mother. After listening to both sides of the argument, the judge decided there was probable cause that Roesler committed a crime. He is charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, a four-year felony... and is also facing misdeamonor charges. Roesler has been out on a $7,000 cash bond since his arrest. He is currently suspended as chief but is working as a firefighter.

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