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Weekend Storm

Saturday night's storm affected most of Mason and Oceana County. 

Winds of up to 80 mph swept through the area and affected over a thousand Consumers and great lakes Energy customers. Tree and electrical problems occurred in the Bass Lake area while villages and towns in Oceana were left without power. According to the Mason County Press, homes and barns were damaged from the storm. Fire and road personnel were all kept busy Saturday night... Riverton, Pere Marquette, Scottville, Custer and Hamlin Fire Departments all responded to storm damage. As of early Sunday morning, roads were still closed and according to the National Weather Service, micro downbursts is what caused the damage along PM Highway, Meisenheimer Road, Hawley and Lakeshore Drive. As of last night, crews continued to take care of downed lines and affected customers can expect their power to be restored by tonight. 

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