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Delay in "Baby Kate" trial

It looks like a judge will not decide for many weeks, perhaps three months if the “Baby Kate” murder case against Sean Michael Phillips is strong enough to go to trial.

Phillips was charged with murder six months ago.

Mlive reports Friday, that at the end of a two-day probable cause hearing, Public Defender David Glancy asked for three months for experts to analyze an unsigned letter that is allegedly written from Phillips to Ariel Courtland.

The judge agreed to recess the hearing and ordered that a "status conference" be held in six weeks to review the progress,

One other new development in the case was testimony from a fellow former inmate whom Sean had spent time with in Carson City prison.

Rushaun Demario Burton claims that Phillips told him that he had gotten rid of his daughter.

When Burton asked Phillips to elaborate, Burton testified, “he kinda got closed up from the conversation and said, ‘well, I can't be charged because they wouldn't find it."

As always, WMOM news will keep you up to date with any new breaking developments in the Baby Kate case.   

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