Witnesses Take Stand in Trooper Butterfield Murder Trial

The Eric Knysz trial concluded yesterday with the first round of witnesses. 

The first three witnesses had initial contact with Trooper Butterfield, after he was shot... and before help arrived. witnesses from the Mason County Sheriff's Office also took the stand... including Deputy Brandon Romero, who was assigned to the night shift and the first officer to arrive on scene, the evening of September 9th. Deputy Romero described the scene when he arrived and how he tried to remain positive for Butterfield. Chief Deputy Steve Hansen took the stand after Romero who also described what he saw, and the condition of Butterfield, upon arrival. Both told the court that Butterfield's gun was secured in his holster. Sheriff Kim Cole and Timothy Schultz, of Walhalla, whose car was stolen by the Knysez, also took the stand yesterday. Trooper Butterfield's garrison hat with the bullet hole and duty belt were submitted as evidence by Prosecuting Attorney, Paul Spaniola. The trial resumes today.

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