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House of Flavors Donates $25,000 to COVE

House of Flavors Donates $25,000 to COVE Capital Campaign
Ludington, MI. February 06, 2014— House of Flavors, Inc. has donated $25,000 to the Capital Campaign for COVE (Communities Overcoming Violent Encounters).
According to Debra Goodwin, Capital Campaign for COVE chairperson, “The donation by House of Flavors is a great boost to the campaign.” Goodwin added that the $25,000 gift will generate an additional $12,500 for the campaign through the pledge of a principal anonymous donor who promised to donate 50 cents on each dollar raised.
Whit Gallagher, House of Flavors President, said the corporate gift is an extension of the company’s Christian faith. He added, “It is our hope that other local businesses will donate to COVE to help those seeking to escape abusive situations rebuild their lives.”
The House of Flavors donation will help COVE build a new facility that would include both temporary housing for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence as well as office and program space. The Capital campaign for COVE began last year with a goal of $2.4 million. The House of Flavors donation will fund one of the new facility’s six living units and the gift will be recognized with a plaque installed in that unit.
The new COVE facility will replace the 113-year old house that serves as the COVE shelter and the small, 35-year-old modular office building that is located one mile from the shelter. The new energy efficient, cost-effective facility is designed as a secure environment that enhances confidentiality for COVE’s clients. It will feature six separate living units for privacy, common areas for companionship, and COVE offices for immediate access to staff for guidance and support.
The new facility will also include a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) Suite.  This space will include interview and examination rooms so that individuals who have been sexually assaulted may receive medical care and counseling, locally.
The mission of Communities Overcoming Violent Encounters (COVE) is to provide shelter, protection and advocacy to victims of domestic and sexual violence and/or homelessness and to educate the community about the root causes of violence. COVE is the only organization providing such services in Lake, Mason and Oceana Counties.
For more information on the Capital Campaign for COVE, call:231-233-2987 or, e-mail inquiries to:
cThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   
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