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Breaking&Entering in Reed City

Two men are lodged in the Mason County jail for a breaking and entering. 

On January 23rd, at 5:15am, a Reed City officer made a traffic stop where he noticed three people and numerous items in the vehicle. The driver, 21-year-old, Bryan James Carrell from Flushing was arrested on traffic related charges and taken to Osceola County Jail. Reed City put out a broadcast with regards to the property found. Just before 10am, that same day, a breaking and entering was reported in Amber Township. After conducting interviews and collecting evidence, Mason County deputies determined that the property stolen matched the items found in the vehicle.  After linking the suspect to the crime, deputies arrested Carrell and 19-year-old Victor George Perrecca, of Flint. Both were arraigned on charges of first degree home invasion, three counts of felony firearms, one count of receiving and concealing a weapon and one count of larceny.


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