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Sarah Knysz Sentenced 2-5 Years in Prison

Sarah Renee Knysz will be spending the next two to five years in the Michigan Department of Corrections. Judge Cooper sentenced Knysz yesterday after hearing arguments from the prosecution and the defense... in addition to statements made by Trooper Butterfield's fiancĂ© and father. 

The prosecution argued that although Sarah may have not known the events that were going to occur on September ninth she was an active participant in her husband's actions and she took steps to avoid apprehension instead of taking one of the many opportunities to escape. Sarah told the court that a lot of people don't know the extent of how Eric treated her. She described in detail the abusive and controlling relationship they had and that she was just thinking about her unborn child after Eric had killed Butterfield. Sarah is expected to testify against her husband and mother-in-law Tammi Spofford when their trials begin. 

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