Ludington City Council

The Ludington City Council will be holding their first meeting of the month, Monday evening. 

The Downtown Ludington Board is asking the council to occupy James Street Plaza for a Holiday Market on November 30th during Small Business Saturday. Christmas trees and wreaths will be sold at the Holiday Market. Due to the retirement of DPW Superintendent Shawn McDonald and the resignation of Wastewater Treatment Plant and Utility Maintenance Department Superintendent, Rob Allard... City Manager, John Shay, is recommending three different city employees be promoted to these positions. Shay says the three men being considered have all demonstrated the knowledge and skills to succeed in these positions. In addition, Ludington residents can expect to see an increase in their sewage rates. The rates will increase by 1.6% which is equivalent to 46-cents per month. These rates also apply to the city of Scottville, PM and Amber Townships. The City Council meeting will be held Monday at 6:30pm at City Hall.

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