City of Muskegon Trying to Close Down Elks Charity Lodge

The City of Muskegon is taking action to permanently shut down the Elks Charity Lodge after September's triple homicide. 

According to, City Clerk, Ann Marie Cummings, revoked the lodge's business registration license on October 10th. Her decision was based on three reasons: history of police calls to the lodge, indicating they were a nonprofit organization, and their federal tax-exempt status as a nonprofit was revoked by the IRS in 2012. In addition, Muskegon's  Public Safety Director asked the city council to recommend to the Michigan Liquor Control Commission to take away the lodge's liquor license. The Charity Lodge has until the 20th to appeal Cummings' decision. The business has been closed since September 22nd where seven people were injured by gunshot wounds, and three 20-year-old's died.

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