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Judge Denies Kelli Stapleton's Request

The Benzie County woman who tried to kill herself and her daughter, is denied request to wear civilian clothing. 

Kelli Stapleton's attorneys requested that Stapleton be able to appear at all court proceedings, prior to trial, in civilian clothing and without restraints. They argued that wearing jail attire made her appear guilty to jurors. The judge denied the motion, saying that there is no other case out there allowing this. The 45-year-old woman tried to kill herself and her autistic daughter, Isabella, on September 3rd, by burning two charcoal grills inside the family van. The two were found unconscious and taken to the hospital. Court documents reveal that Stapleton tried to kill Isabella due to years of frustration with her autism. The mother will appear in court next week on a neglect-abuse petition filed by DHS. She will also have a competency hearing on the 10th of October. Isabella has since been released from the hospital and is home with her dad.

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