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Lake Express Shut Down - Use Lake Michigan Carferry

Many people are stranded in Muskegon, this morning; others are changing vacation plans.  Lake Express is shut down until this weekend.  

According to a counter agent in Milwaukee, the Muskegon high speed ferry has experienced "mechanical difficulties".  He would not confirm the cause as a failure with the propulsion system.   Engine problems were cited for many cancellations, several years ago.  The situation is aggravated by the EAA air show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and many people are on vacation, this week.  The best case scenario is that the repairs will be made by Saturday.  The Lake Express website does not acknowledge the cancellations this week or offer any alternatives for travel between Muskegon and Milwaukee. If you are stranded in Michigan this week, the Lake Michigan carferry can accommodate passengers and cars.  For reservations call 231-845-5555.

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