Tim Shannon Sentencing

Former Hart council member, Tim Shannon, receives at least 13 1/2 years in prison for the bathtub drowning of his wife, Lea-Ann Shannon. 

Oceana County's Circuit Court Judge sentenced Shannon yesterday but he is still looking at more jail time. Judge Thomas imposed a minimum sentence while leaving it up to the Michigan Department of Corrections to decide whether Shannon will serve the minimum or up to the max of 75 years. This is because it is costly for taxpayers to jail a state inmate. Shannon pled no contest last month to second-degree unpremeditated murder. He reported his wife's death as an accidental drowning on December 29th. Their two young children are in Shannon's parents' custody. The County Prosecutor, who asked for 20 years, said that Shannon was "deceitful throughout this entire process" and has shown "little or no remorse."

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