Tom Rotta Speaks Out Again

Ludington's most frequent complainer, Tom Rotta, spoke out again at last night's city commission meeting.  This time he accused city manager John Shay of "slander".  

Rotta was referring to comments made by Shay at the end of the council meeting, two weeks ago. Rotta reasserted that he had "won" a recent federal court lawsuit that cost the city $31,000.  As Rotta was beginning to speak on the Historic District proposal Mayor John Henderson said "Sit down, your five minutes are up!"  At the end of the commission meeting the city attorney, Dick Wilson, said that Rotta was wrong about winning the lawsuit.  He read the portions of the negotiated settlement into the record.  Shay did not speak this time.   Rotta walked away with $15,000 and likely will be heard at future commission meetings.

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